Local Active Women’s Champion – LAUREN RIDDEL

Q. When did you first become a qualified Soccer Umpire/coaching staff?

I am now in my seventh year of being a referee and I am the Branch Coach and the Women and Girls Coordinator of the Ballarat branch of Football Victoria’s referees.

Q. What is your current Active Women’s role? 

The Women and Girls coordinator role was recently introduced by Football Victoria. Each Branch (region) has someone dedicated to assisting the progress of the female referees in that branch.

Q. What are some new initiatives of the club/association/league?

In Ballarat we currently only have three female referees including myself but we hope that this new role in the branch provides support and a visual role model for those interested in becoming a referee and as is so often said, ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’ .

Q. What advice would you give to community members wanting to come down and get involved at the club or programs?

Being a referee can be a tough job but it is one that gives you the best seat in the house whilst being active and involved in the game. You get fitness, passion, leadership, strategic thinking and involved in the game you love all in one role! I have learnt so much about myself and built confidence and communication skills through refereeing. I would suggest it to anyone who has a passion for football and wants to gain life skills!

Q. If people want to find out more information where can they go?

If you want to get involved send an email to either myself lauren.riddel@googlemail.com or michaelmcphee1@outlook.com We are friendly and don’t bite.
Would love to hear from anyone interested!

Great leadership Lauren, Keep up the good work.

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